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Retro Feeling

Falling into a
Retro Feeling.

Back to the vintage running style with our Lucy sneaker.
You’re not thinking about us going for a run, are you?

Iconic design with a casual, elegant look, our Lucy models evoke the original sporty spirit of sneakers but restyled so they are easy to wear and pair for any occasion.

Get around in style, from brunch to dinner.

Light and stylish for an informal work lunch or dinner that needs an extra touch of elegance and originality. Though structurally minimal, the Lucy Premiata is rich and classy in materials and details that will give you an immediate boost of confidence.

A perfect and balanced mix of top quality leather and hi-tech materials, with the Premiata logo stitched at the side and the sole featuring the distinctive brand graphics.

Lucy 5310
Regular price $340.00 $272.00
Lucy 5908
Regular price $365.00 $255.50
Let’s do a test. Are you game?

Choose the Lucy model that you like the best.
Now imagine them with a pair of jeans, leggings or a sweater, shirt or fleece.
Imagine them on your feet as you are walking through the streets of the city, shopping or presenting your new project for work.

What do you think?

Precisely, we too think they look great with all your outfits.

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