That’s Heritage.

Welcome to the rough side of the style.

Style is a never ending research,
it's hard work where hands need to get dirty.

Our reinterpretation of Indian slippers, in soft reverse calfskin, lined in calfskin, with elastic. Tone-on-tone twine stitching by hand on the tray, ideal processing, to obtain a softness that is unparalleled, personalized bottom in TPU color in dye to the leather and matching stitching plus leather midsole.

Making a shoe is not simple.
It involves research, ideas, materials and also hands.

Welcome to the Slipper Collection,
choose your favorite.

Never afraid to be bold.

Recognizable, iconic, never predictable.
The models in our Heritage collection encompass the shoe manufacturing tradition of the Le Marche region while looking to the future with a big city flair that is not afraid of mixing and clashing styles.

All Heritage Collection is delivered in UK Size.

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